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We would like to express our gratitude for your generous support towards the development of a thriving and inclusive arts, culture, and entertainment community. Thank you!

Exciting developments are taking place at the Jayhawk! Thanks to our incredible volunteers and supporters, we are undergoing building upgrades, hosting live performances, offering virtual programming, organizing STEAM-based field trips for students (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), and much more!

We would like to express our gratitude for your generous support towards the development of a thriving and inclusive arts, culture, and entertainment community. Thank you!

Jerry and Linda Anderson

Alpha Media

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Authentic Expressions | S.J. Hazim

Azura Credit Union

Bartlett & West

Jared and Debbie Beam

Tab and Sonia Betsworth

Marty Bloomquist and Joe Scranton

Drs. Stephen Blum and Judith Corkum

Sarah Boast and Martin Gray

Graham, Robin & Caius Bonsall

Rob and Carol Briman

Steve and Derie Briman

BT&Co., P.A.

Bradley C. Buchanan

Mark and Sarah Burenheide

Michelle Butler and Tyler Johnson

Gary and Cristina Carper

Jeff Carson and Jennifer Goetz

City of Topeka – Transient Guest Tax Support

Clayton Wealth Partners

CoreFirst Bank & Trust

Cytek Media Solutions

Daves Lights, LLC

Brenda S. Dietrich

Tara and Braden Dimick

Matt and Lisa Dinkel

Neil and Beth Dobler

Envista Credit Union

Beth and Duane Fager

Federal Home Loan Bank Topeka

John and Joelle Federico

Claudia Fox

Mike and Brenda Fox

Dave Frederick and Greg Fox

Janet and John Frieden

Vince and Dana Frye

Scott and Cheryl Gales

The Giving Tree

Gizmo Pictures

Go Modern

John and Sheila Gonzalez

Joanne Harrison

E. Irene Haws

Karen Hiller

Jamie and Matt Hornbaker

Russ Hutchison

John and Lynette Hunter

Brendan and Amber Jensen

Jensen Communications

Josey Baking Company

Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission

Kansas Department of Commerce

Kansas State Historical Society

(Heritage Trust Fund Grant)

Vance Kelley and Jennifer Jones

Debra Kirmer

Steven Kongs and Hannah Naeger

Jeff and Maribeth Kuzbel

Lamar Advertising

Melissa Masoner and Jim Concannon

Aaron and Tara Mays

Doug and Lena Mays

Pat and Connie Michaelis

Joanne and Noble Morrell, Jr.

OFG Financial Services

Chris and Lynette Palmer

James and Nancy Parrish

Clint and Amy Patty

Joe and Bess Pennington

Gary and Martha Piland

Matt and Wendy Pivarnik

Matt and Stacy Ricks

Bill and Julie Riphahn

Ford and Catherine Ross

George Scheckel

Jeanie Schuler

Security Benefit

Senne Company

Marvin and Debbie Spees

Amanda L. Stanley

Roger and Shere Stoner

Matt and Sheryl Strathman

Lisa and Tom Stubbs

Drs. Scott Teeter and Peg McCarthy

Topeka Community Foundation

Topeka Credit Union Foundation

Keith and Catherine Walberg

Douglass Wallace

Patty Riley and Wes Weathers

Mike and Maria Wilson

Larry and Anita Wolgast

Mark and Sheree Yardley


For the past half-decade, hardworking volunteers have played a vital role in the theater’s preservation and the rejuvenation of live performances.
From restoration prep, lending technical skills, and event planning to future ushers, ticket takers, and more, if YOU’RE interested in being part of this amazing restoration process, let us know!

Let us know how you’d like to get involved.
Join our vibrant community of volunteers and make a difference!


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