2/8/19 UPDATE: 

The RFQ process has concluded. We recieved one submission for the RFQ; from TreanorHL Architects. The panel will review at the next board meeting 2/13/19 and will vote whether to accept.


1/29/19 UPDATE:

2 candidates partcicipated in the walkthrough, 1/22/19






Architectural Services for

The Historic Jayhawk Theatre



RELEASE DATE:  1/8/2019

CONTACT:  Jeff Carson (785) 221-8970   jeff.carson@jayhawktheatre.org


INTRODUCTION:  The Historic Jayhawk Theater, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization is seeking a qualified Architectural Firm or Individual to provide design and planning services for the rehabilitation and restoration of the historic theatre.  This project will be financed by grants, donations, and community fundraising efforts.


I. SCOPE OF SERVICE:   The Historic Jayhawk Theatre is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the ‘Jayhawk Hotel, Theatre & Walk’ nomination on file with the Kansas State Historic Preservation Office.  The theatre requires design services in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Rehabilitation.  Previous preliminary evaluation and planning efforts have been undertaken throughout the period since the organization acquired the theater.  However, with recent changes in the leadership of the organization and renewed interest in downtown Topeka, the Historic Jayhawk Theatre, Inc. believes it time to complete the project.


The services requested here are to provide design and construction observation services including appropriate conditions assessments; programming; concept design; full design; construction documents and specifications; and construction administration services through construction and occupancy.


II. PRE-PROPOSAL SITE VISIT:  A pre-proposal site walk is scheduled for 1/22/2019, at 1:00 pm, at the Historic Jayhawk Theatre, 720 SW Jackson St., Topeka, KS, 66603.  (MANDATORY): Potential Architects are required to attend this event. 



III. QUALIFICATIONS DUE DATE AND LOCATION:  The Architect shall submit one (1) printed proposal and a digital copy as a single PDF file on a flash drive labeled:


                Request for Qualifications For:

                Historic Jayhawk Theatre

                Attn:  Jeff Carson

                720 SW Jackson St.

                Topeka, KS  66603


The submittal shall be received on or before 3:00pm CST, 2/5/2019.





IV. QUALIFICATION FORMAT:  The Architect shall provide the appropriate information in sufficient detail to demonstrate that the evaluation criteria have been satisfied as specified in Section V. “EVALUATION OF PROPOSALS”.

To allow for easier comparison of proposals during evaluation, proposals should contain the following sections and be arranged in consecutive order:


1. Executive Summary - The Executive Summary should include a clear statement of the Architect’s past qualifications for working on historic buildings, historic buildings receiving historic tax credits, and their understanding or past involvement, if any, with the Historic Jayhawk Theatre.

2. Experience and Capacity - Describe background and related experience demonstrating qualifications. Indicate if company has provided services on this building in the past. Describe specific experience producing design services for the following:


  • Work that meets the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation
  • Grant funded projects or projects requiring fundraising efforts
  • Large scale historic preservation projects
  • Demonstrated track record working on projects receiving Federal and State historic tax credits
  • Capacity of Architect to provide the anticipated necessary services


3. Personnel Listing - Show individuals that will be involved in the project with resumes and specific applicable experience.

4. References - List references from contracts similar in size and scope.




Proposals will be reviewed by an Evaluation Panel made up of representatives of the Historic Jayhawk Theatre, Inc. and/or its designees. The Evaluation Panel may select a "short list" of qualified Architects who may be formally interviewed as part of the final selection, if deemed necessary by the panel. Evaluations will be based on the required criteria listed in Section IV.  “PROPOSAL FORMAT”, and the following:


a. Quality, thoroughness, and clarity of the information.

b. Qualifications and experience of the architectural firm (includes review of references) working on rehabilitation of listed historic properties.

c. Qualification and experience with Federal & State historic tax credits.

d. Qualification and experience of individual staff who will be working on this project.

e. Organization/management approach and involvement for the successful completio of the project.



Scoring criteria and the selection process will include factors of qualifications and experience in historic preservation, specifically related to work required to meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.  Selected candidates will be subject to final approval by the Board of the Historic Jayhawk Theatre, Inc.


A formal Interview may be requested of the “short list” Architect/s. The Evaluation Panel may schedule and arrange for interviews. Responders are asked to reserve 2/12/2019, 9am – 5pm for a potential interview. Architects who will be invited for interviews will be notified by the end of day 2/7/2019.



The following is a listing of key milestones:

  • RFQ Issued – 1/8/2019
  • Pre-proposal site walk visit – 1/22/2019   1:00pm CST
  • Deadline for Submitting Questions to RFQ – 1/29/2019
  • Deadline for Proposal Submission – 2/5/2019   3:00pm CST
  • Formal Board Decision - 2/13/19, Contracts to immediately follow


VII. CONTRACT:  The contracting parties will be the Historic Jayhawk Theatre, Inc. and the Architect selected to provide the services.



Prospective responders shall direct inquiries or questions to RFQ in email form only to:


Point of Contact: Jeff Carson

Email ID: jeff.carson@jayhawktheatre.org


All questions are due no later than 11:00am CST 2/5/2019.

Responses to the Questions will be posted by 9:00am CST 2/6/2019 on the Historic Jayhawk Theatre, Inc’s website: http://www.jayhawktheatre.org.


IX.   REJECTION OF PROPOSALS:  Trustees reserve the right to reject any Architect on the basis of the proposal submitted.   


X.  ADDENDUM TO THE RFQ:  If any addendum is issued for this RFQ, it will be posted on the Historic Jayhawk Theatre, Inc’s web site: http://www.jayhawktheatre.org.